TechHub Residents Win TechCity Launchpad

This week we're presenting our very own residents from Clearer Partners who participated last week in the TechCity Launchpad Pitching Event after winning funding as part of the competition organized by the Technology Strategy Board. The TSB specialises in stimulating technology innovation in order to boost UK growth and productivity.

The competition was a day long investor workshop that gave forty digital and creative businesses the chance to pitch and network with the cream of London�s investment community.

In order to best illustrate their story we asked Dagmara, from Clearer Partners to give us her first-hand experience from the event:

With some nerves and excitement, Aaron, Steve and I headed over to The Commonwealth Club for the TechCity Launchpad Pitching Event on Wednesday 10th August. We were 3rd on stage out of a list of 41 pitches, which proved to be good timing - the room was full and attendees were awake, propped up by the first of many rounds of coffee.

Being part of the lucky companies who won the TSB match funding, we had eight minutes to fly through our product and proposition, FrameBlast, which is a collaborative video production platform. Winning bids came in all shapes and sizes, from 3D toy printers, to furniture producers, to trucking logistics software solutions.

The 23 companies who came highly recommended had a lightning two minutes to pitch, and we were all given a powerpoint template to follow to ensure we kept to the point, answered the right questions and stayed within the time limit. It was a very long day of intensive networking and listening to pitches, and we learnt a lot and made a number of great contacts with investors, in-betweeners, and other startups.

Despite the (at times) gruelling process, we'd recommend the Technology Strategy Board for anyone looking to get some government backing for their projects. Now it's time for us to chase those leads and secure the rest of the match funding. Fingers crossed!

Clearer Partners has now been offered up to �100,000 funding which they hope to match with private sector funding. Please join me in congratulating their enormous accomplishments and wishing them the best with their future efforts. Also, a huge thank you to Dagmara for sharing her story.

We're really proud of you guys and love having you at TechHub!