TechHub presents....The A&N Media 'Battle of the Startups'

Battle of the Startups with A&N Media and TechHub

A&N Media & TechHub have joined forces to bring you a very exciting evening; �The A&N Media Battle of the Start Ups�. 10 startups will be pitching to a an audience, a panel of judges made up of industry experts and a team from A&N Media, whose recent successes include the launch of Metro tablet edition and a record readership for MailOnline. The most innovative and promising companies will be awarded with a one year scholarship with global initiative 1M/1M/, founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra.

About TechHub

TechHub is a project creating a physical space in London for tech startups from across the UK, Europe, the US and beyond. The community space reflects the vibrancy and global outlook of the technology scene. TechHub is an affordable and accessible environment to bring together the right people in one place - the people who really do want to change the world through their business.

About A&N Media

A&N Media connects with over 45% of the UK�s adult population with more than 130 million consumer touch points per month. In addition to leading newspaper titles such as the Daily Mail, and Metro, our portfolio includes over 200 websites and apps covering news, property and recruitment, including MailOnline,,, LocalPeople and Wowcher.

About the startups

Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak is an online platform to discover and book fitness classes and activities.

Founded by fitness enthusiasts who are constantly on the look out for innovative and fun ways to keep fit; and believe booking a fitness class should be as easy as booking a table at a restaurant online.

Integrated with gyms and boutique studios, Fitness Freak offers an unrivaled service, allowing users to read trusted member reviews, try new things, mix up their workup and most importantly, get great results!


Platter's the place for food photos.

Platter helps home cooks share great ideas and give celebrity chefs a run for their money. Because everyone's taking photos of food. Platter gets them in one place, indexed by ingredient and primed to inspire others.

As we engage innovative cooks in kitchens around the world, Platter will be the place you go to decide what to eat.


Driving somewhere? Say no to empty seats. Get your car seats earning money and meet fun people by sharing the journey.

Need a lift? No problem! Search for someone who will drive you to your destination. The cost? goCarSharing is virtually always the cheapest way to travel.

goCarShare is an online marketplace for empty car seats.

It helps event-goers save on travel costs by matching them with likeminded people in a trusted community using Facebook.

Insane Logic

Insane Logic provide interactive communication tools, services and technology solutions to the education sector. Its current flagship product is MyChoicePad. This is an educational iPad app that enables choice and communication for children and adults with learning or communication difficulties through the use of symbol and sign graphics combined with signing video. MyChoicePad is being used by families, schools and speech and language professionals around the UK. MyChoicePad is expanding into educational games and online training based around building language acquisition and communication skills.

Pop Up Shop Up

What is a PopUp?

PopUp - a temporary retail event lasting hours, days, weeks or months. The high vacancies in urban areas create a unique opportunity to rent commercial space temporarily, allowing a brand/entrepreneur to take advantage of immediate buzz and operate pro?tably, then close.

Fortune 1000 brands have seized upon the same opportunity to create a temporary retail promotional event for their brand or a speci?c product. segments Popups into Fashion, Food, Fun.


2Fold20 Play is a gaming company designed to capitalise on the next stage of the casual, social gaming market and rapidly evolving convergence. Founded by TwoFold Twenty and with investment from the CreativeAdvantage Fund, 2Fold20 Play has a management team that includes expertise in Film, TV, gaming, marketing, digital, media, music and venture capital with a track record of building successful teams, projects, and new business in the digital entertainment space.


Venue hire website Hire Space helps solve the problem of finding somewhere for an event, sporting activity, meeting, class, rehearsal, casting and almost any space you might book by the hour. 30 years ago it might have been acceptable to have to call half-a-dozen places to book an air ticket, now everyone expects this to happen quickly and easily online. Somehow, venue booking is behind the times and we are here to bring it up to date. Hire Space is backed by the team behind TopTable and is currently signing up venues ahead of its public launch in early September.


Timemaps has 3 products:

The TimeMap of World History ( � which is a free, on-line, massively comprehensive, Atlas of World History. Through it you can visit any civilization, nation and empire and see how the world developed into what it is today.

Topic TimeMaps � enhanced TimeMaps that are curriculum focused for use in schools. They are filled with animation, interactivity, lesson plans so teachers can give beautiful presentations, and students can learn about history in a cool way.

TimeMapps � These are mobile versions of our product for any person who has an appetite for history.


Simplytics is the first mobile rich media vendor to measure and score user engagement. Based on a unique engagement mapping model, each interaction inside the ad unit is weighted and indexed to produce an engagement score that provides a benchmark for future campaigns.

The Student Job is a tech startup founded by a King�s College London student aimed at providing young people aged 16-24 with local casual and part-time jobs. The website provides casual work all across the United Kingdom, working with employers of all sizes, from neighbourhood coffee shops to large employers such as the London Olympics. Students can apply for jobs either straight from or a set of innovative Facebook apps targeted at different demographics. The company also provides a white label solution that allows education establishments to list local jobs directly from their websites. Over 15,000 students in London have signed up since the website's launch in October 2011, along with over 200 businesses.

Contact Details for Event

If you have any questions about this event, or about TechHub in general, please forward them to

The event is taking place on Tuesday, 22nd May at 6:30pm, at TechHub @ Campus.

TechHub @ Campus is here:
4-5 Bonhill St
Shoreditch, London