TechHub members - 12 investors are ready to meet you this May

As our members know, our goal at TechHub has always been to genuinely support our community to grow and scale, and as such we've spent the last few weeks speaking with the investment community to find out how COVID-19 has affected their investment strategies.

The overwhelming feedback is that investors do have money to invest, and are still actively investing.

To prove it, over the course of May, we have 12 investors booked in to have meetings with members, including lots of pre-seed / seed investors who are all actively investing in early stage tech startups during this time. Read on to hear who is coming in, their investment criteria, and how to get involved. TechHub members - in order to be fair and ensure as many members get to take advantage of this opportunity as possible, you can sign up for a maximum of two 1:1 investor sessions for May.

  1. Serge Chiaramonte. Pre-seed angel, up to £50k. Industry agnostic. Find out more here
  2. KM Capital. Preseed-A VC £50k-£300k in consumer, fashion, retail & brands. Find out more here
  3. Outward VC. Post-seed-A VC £750k-1m in fintech and enterprise tech. Find out more here
  4. Episode 1. Seed VC £250k-2m into B2B software companies. Find out more here
  5. RLC Ventures. Seed VC £150k-£300k in rev generating AI, fintech & gaming Find out more here
  6. Superseed. Seed VC £100k-750k in market-ready deep tech B2B SaaS. Find out more here
  7. Venturian. Seed VC £50k-£500k in rev generating B2B edtech, digital, consumer Find out more here
  8. Q Ventures. SEIS Fund £100k into startup addressing growing market needs. Find out more here
  9. Begin Capital. Pre-seed-A VC $100k to £3m into B2B & B2C. Industry agnostic. Find out more here
  10. Downing Ventures. Seed-A VC £500k - £5m into social impact startups. Find out more here
  11. The Venture Collective. Pre-seed Private Investor Group £50-£150k into social impact / diversity. Find out more here
  12. Felix Capital. Seed-A VC $100k-$10m in emerging consumer & B2B tech. Find out more here
  13. Entree Capital. Pre-seed-A VC £200k - £2m in fintech & consumer. Ping Perdie for intro

Not a member and want to benefit? Contact Tom to find out how to get involved.