TechHub member Yeeply hit the €1M revenue milestone after strategic pivot

For a startup, pivoting means nerves on edge! Sometimes it’s for good, but we all know that often it goes wrong…and spell disaster. That’s the nature of the business.

That’s why we’re super excited to share these news from one of our awesome TechHub London members - Yeeply, the marketplace for hiring handpicked mobile developers and designers. In late 2016, Yeeply proudly announced that they hit the €1M revenue milestone - which is definitely something worth celebrating!

Yeeply is a Spanish startup, who came to TechHub to explore the potential of the UK market. Through a supportive network and a strategic pivot they are now able to offer their mobile developers a network with London-based startups and digital agencies. Including some from within the TechHub community!

The pivot was a process of fine-tuning. It consisted of selecting the 100 top development companies and freelancers registered in Yeeply from of a potential database of +10.000. They did this through interviews with the developers, calls to their previous clients, and thorough analysis of their work. In this process Yeeply came to recognise their top talents within their developers network. They then began to match them with clients from their platform looking to find accredited programmers.

Thanks to the new model, Yeeply is now a sought-after solution for accelerators and digital agencies alike. Both of which are always on the lookout for the best programming talent. If you are developing an app, or thinking about it, check out the awesome app cost calculator now!