TechHub Member Spotlight: Kieron-Scott Woodhouse of ADZero

As part of our new 'Member Spotlight' series, we interviewed TechHubber Kieron-Scott Woodhouse. Here's what he had to say about startups, entrepreneurism & TechHub!

What is your background and how did you end up doing a startup?

My background is in Product Design. I used my degree to really hone my skills in...not only with traditional product design, but I also deeply explored Service Design. Service Design is something that is just being recognised as a viable route for product designers. In terms of my upbringing, I don't come from a particularly business-minded environment, but rather a family of artists and grafters that have, I think, taught me the fundamental ethics of achieving what you want through hard work.

Tell me about 'ADZero'

Adzero ... AD Creative's debut product (a bamboo smartphone), gained unexpected mass media attention at the beginning of the year as people caught onto what we were developing. In particular a BBC News feature on a Thursday night that catapulted us into mainstream media globally that, to be honest, helped secure our development investment and put a rocket up our bums.

We believe ADzero has the potential to be amongst the biggest material innovations within the Smartphone industry. It has already donned the label as the first Bamboo smartphone in the world before it's even gone into production, but it's much more than this. We have a distributed team of Designers and Engineers based here in the UK, Hong Kong and China to bring this idea to life and give the product real substance throughout; From the Android powered ADAOS UI to the meticulously designed and engineered unibody bamboo casing.

As a designer I think it's really important for everything I design to tell some sort of story, whether it be through material selections, emotive response or through the journey the product takes during it's life. I think Bamboo encapsulates this perfectly, no phone will have exactly the same grain pattern. The combination of nature and tech is also something pretty foreign to the mainstream consumer-tech industry, It's a beautiful combination.

What's a piece of advice you could offer to a budding entrepreneur?

Grasp and take every opportunity as it comes, be pro-active and challenge anyone that says "it can't be done" �.9 times out of 10 it can be.

I would also heavily recommend bringing on advisors/mentors as early as possible. Our advisors have opened doors up for us as well as secure some of the deals we wouldn't of had the confidence or knowledge to have done ourselves at this point of formation.

Why did you choose TechHub? Has the community been helpful?

For the first 2 months of our resident membership I was busy finishing up my 4th year at Uni, and at the same time as forming the company structure internationally. So I was kind of in tunnel vision mode - not really taking notice to what was actually going on around me. I think TechHub is brilliant and we have already made some invaluable connections through fellow members and feel we are slowly integrating into what is a great community of like minded people doing AMAZING stuff!

Simple reasons for selection were community, cost, and location. Was a no brainer for us.

One random or silly fact about yourself

I used to be a national level swimmer in my teens, Swimming for one of the top London squads. With dreams of the 2012 Olympics...... Then I had to choose between Sport and Education (4 Years of Learning...... Alcohol.......and more Alcohol)....I chose the latter. In retrospect a good choice, I would say

*Thanks for chatting with us, Kieron! *