TechHub Member Spotlight: Adam Knowles & Richard Neville of Electric Animal

Member Spotlight: Adam Knowles & Richard Neville from Electric Animal

Adam Knowles & Richard Neville are a brand new part of the TechHub community here in London. You'll immediately notice their megawatt smiles and radiant, happy demeanour as they bounce around the office...and after a few months spend working in coffee shops, they're excited to be here... and we're excited to have them!

Says Richard, This is exactly the environment we need to flourish - a place with the understanding and ethos...surrounded by like-minded people who can offer advice and different techniques

At the end of last year, Richard and Adam quit their comfortable well paid positions in marketing to hurl themselves into the uncertain territory of entrepreneurism... and the crazy world of the tech startup. Not long after they decided to take the plunge, they launched their company Electric Animal; which they call an �Internet invention agency�. Having spent years planning and building digital stuff for their clients, they're now doing it for themselves, intending to develop and manage a series of Internet-based products.

In June, they launched their very first product : Cards in The Post.

Cards In The Post is a quick & easy new way to send a physical postcard to your friends & loved ones using any image you like, even on-the-go. Need a quick & personal thank you note? A last minute birthday card?

Personalise these lovely postcards with your own picture! You can grab your images from Instagram feed, Facebook, any picture on your computer, or even Google Images. Then add a personal message, click send and voila! Your postcard will be printed & on its way.

Richard & Adam are welcome additions to the buzzing community here at TechHub; they literally walk into the offices everyday with a smile.

We're loving Cards in The Post and we can't wait to see what else Adam & Richard get up to!

Richard : @richardneville

Adam: @pharkie

Their company, Electric Animal: @elecmal

And don't forget to take a peek at Cards in The Post!