TechHub member, NearSt, launches the platform aimed to add £4bn a year to UK High Street

NearSt, a retail platform, aims to bridge £4bn in sales for high street retailers nationwide by 2020. Today they are launching their website and mobile app, which allows people to order products for instant collection and 1-hour delivery.

NearSt aims to use their technology to bring businesses back to local high streets, after the recent rise of online marketplaces. At the moment you can use NearSt to find books in your local area as they have successfully piloted the technology with bookshops in London and is already processing over 3 million live inventory updates daily.

Books is only the first step - later this month they will be expanding to lots more products including consumer electronics, DIY goods, health & beauty products, sportswear, stationery and gift shop services. “Why should anyone wait for a package to arrive from across the world, when you can instantly get it from a shop minutes away from you? The only thing missing is a simple connection between products on the shelves of real nearby businesses and shoppers’ smartphones.” says Nick Brackenbury, NearSt’s CEO and one of TechHub’s community superstar.

NearSt joined the TechHub community a year ago and are backed by TrueStart, Europe’s leading retail and consumer accelerator and investment fund. Baz Saidieh, CEO of TrueStart, said “NearSt is effectively building the technology that will help to power the future of retail, and it is getting shoppers back to the High Street.”

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing their fast growing expansion! Browse the shelves of real shops near you with NearSt!