TechHub member EngageRight Launch New Website

We're excited to see that TechHub member EngageRight have recently launched their new website.

In today�s climate, having a website which is optimised for search engines is no longer enough. Once you get the clicks and views, if you don�t engage your potential customers within a few seconds, they may lose interest and go to one of your competitors.

That�s why EngageRight has launched a new animation website to provide customers with high quality, professionally made videos. This is one of the most effective ways of engaging with potential customers and converting them into sales prospects. The unique combination of sound, movement and visuals make them hard to ignore and is equally popular with all age groups and backgrounds.

Based in London, �EngageRight will work with you to create a script and then we�ll produce an animated video that will instantly transform your sales. EngageRight will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.�

Audiences remember more when the delivery medium is engaging, simple, and contains powerful visual metaphors.

Recent examples of animated videos can be found at the new website. These videos have been created for various different businesses and individual customers. The videos therefore have their own styles, which have been adapted to suite specific requirements.

The animated videos created by EngageRight are made to a professional standard, the process includes devising a script, recording voiceover, choosing an appropriate style, storyboard, video and audio that provide an unrivalled and unique marketing tool for your business.

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