TechHub Meetup Insights: Online privacy - threats & opportunities

Last night, I think none of the participants at our meetup (except for our speakers, of course) could really evaluate the gravity of the information disclosed during this almost year long debate on online privacy. Since June 2013, when Edward Snowden first spoke about the NSA's mass surveillance program, a lot has changed, both for tech companies and for the users relying on their products all over the world.

Still, there is a misapprehension of the real dangers of mass surveillance and their consequences for our lives and our society. Last night we discussed with our guests what are the main threats to our privacy, how Europe is different from the USA in this respect and many more vital aspects we should all be aware of.

If you want watch the entire talk, you can do so here.

Thank you again to all of our guests, who freely, openly and honestly shared their views on this serious matters and thanks to all of you who attended this meetup. We hope you extracted some valuable lessons from this event.

See you next time!