TechHub Meetup Insights: Ladies in video games development

This week for our TechHub Meetup, we tackled a more sensitive issue, to call it so: women in game development. We did our best to keep a balances perspective on the subject and provide the audience with as many helpful details as we could, in terms of resources and examples driven by our speakers' experiences.

Maria Negruta, Game Economy Designer at Gameloft, Corina Elena Tataranu, Development Manager at EA Games and Gabriela Tataru (Brailoiu), Business Performance Manager at KING were kind enough to accept our invitation and show us that there's a lot less gender disparity in the game development world than we perceive from the outside.

Here are their thoughts and pieces of advice which hopefully will come in handy not only for you, but also for our friends who might be interested in building a career in the game development industry.

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