TechHub Meetup: Developing Games - the Indie Way

At TechHub Bucharest, independence and creative freedom are two values we hold dear, so we're big supporters of those startups that manage to combine these two concepts for great results. That's why today's meetup focuses on Developing games - the indie way.

On stage: Dragos Inoan from Dream Builder Studios and Dan Dimitrescu from Killhouse Games and Robert Muresan, Exosyphen Studios founder, on Skype, moderated by Bobby Voicu, Co-founder & CEO of Mavenhut will be talking about the challenges and rewards of developing games independently, about the importance of choosing the right channels for digital distribution and many more aspects that decide the fate of an indie game.

Livestreaming starts at 19:00, Romania time.

Thank you, Hostway Romania for the streaming, thank you all for watching!