TechHub Manchester membership � what does it really mean?

So it�s only a week into TechHub Manchester and we have already seen some surprising results:

  • A company formed in a weekend at TechHub Manchester can get traction with a major bank two weeks later.
  • TechHub Manchester can help a TechHub London company out with contacts into a target customer.
  • It turns out that Bootstrap Business Club members are really interested in how VCs make investment decisions.
  • We simply can�t fit in all the VCs who want to come and see us.
  • Being four minutes from Piccadilly Station really is very important to people.

But one of the other results is that we at TechHub realise that we need to communicate more effectively what we are about. What we instinctively know, having been involved with the project for its lifetime, doesn�t always come across to everyone else.

Having a membership at TechHub is about a lot more that simply having a great desk to sit at with killer WiFi (100Mb down AND up), in the best part of Manchester. It�s about being part of a group and an organisation that helps startups get better quicker.

It�s about getting stuff done. It�s about learning. It�s about executing.

  • It�s about having your MVP brought forward by a month because the developer next to you pointed out a couple of things.
  • It�s understanding what investors are going to look for.
  • It�s finally meeting the other person who gets what you�ve been going on about; and deciding to be co-founders.
  • It�s about finding out that other people have been in the same hole you are in now, and that they found the way out.
  • It�s being able to land in TechHub London or Riga or (soon) Bucharest and have a desk and some contacts ready to go.

We�ve had the privilege of being exposed to an amazing number of talented people as we�ve been building this project. Previously, the partners, people and advice they would really benefit from were in a different world. Now they might only be a desk away.

Of course, if you just want the nice desk, the awesome WiFi and the great location, then we do that as well.
We have a load of exciting events planned for the next few months. VC sessions, guest speakers, one to one clinics with all the people you need to help your business succeed, and of course the odd social thrown in.

You should join in. Come by and see us, or go to the TechHub Manchester membership page.

Best, Ben