TechHub Manchester & Ground Control Skydiving present: Tech Skydiving!

The UK technology scene is taking things to the next level, and what better way to represent that than to take a trip up to high altitude for the experience of a lifetime!


What's the plan?

It wouldn�t be the startup scene without some fund raising but there�s no pitches here - just whatever money you can raise being donated to a good cause. We�re planning this from the North West and are currently aiming to jump at an airfield in the Midlands, but wherever you are get in touch if you�d like to join in.

Charity skydives are free right?

Not quite; many charities use skydiving as an incentive to fund raise. Sometimes they can get discounts off a skydiving centre�s regular rate, but often they pay full price. This can vary, but is usually around �240. For this reason charities tend to ask you to raise at least �400, meaning they�ll still get a decent amount of money from each person.

We plan to take this approach, but we�re being upfront about it. If you want to join in raising money but would like to pay for your own jump, we can give all your money raised to the charity. It�s up to you, and the charity benefits no matter how you play it - and you still get to jump out of a plane too!

Where are we actually going?

We don�t know that just yet - we�re talking to a few centres to see what kind of rates and day offers they can give us. We�d like to be accessible for people around the country, but are a group from Manchester so are looking for a location 1-2 hours' drive from Manchester.

We keep hearing about this weird thing called indoor skydiving?

That�s not a question but I�ll answer it anyway. Indoor skydiving is a newish development in the skydiving world, using vertical wind tunnels to create a feeling similar to skydiving, floating on a cushion of air. There�s a centre at Trafford Park in Manchester, and we�re hoping to have a pre-jump trip there for any participants who are interested, as well as anyone who doesn�t feel like the skydive but does want to get involved. Sign up if you�re interested in this too!

Who�s running this crazy idea?

Tech Skydiving is a collaboration between TechHub Manchester and Ground Control Skydiving. The planning is being carried out by Mike Lehan, founder of Ground Control Skydiving and a skydiver for 5 years, with over 100 jumps. Doug Ward, CEO of TechHub Manchester who is a co-organiser will be there to help you push through nerves whilst he is dealing with his! Mike will be able to answer any questions about skydiving and will try and join as many of the jumps as possible on the day.

The Charities

We�re planning to support two charities, though this will depend on the funds raised plus what sponsorship we can acquire. Mike, one of our organisers, recently took a business trip to the US and took a trip to San Francisco which had a big effect on him. As such we�re planning to donate to one charity helping homeless people in Manchester, and another supporting the homeless in San Francisco; tech communities helping our real world neighbours.


We need you to make this happen! This is a unique opportunity to engage with the organic tech community, from established pro�s to tomorrow�s next innovators. To be supporting the next generation of technologists who are busy working on making the world a better place, and at the same time raising funds for valuable charity work. We�ll be looking for sponsorship in any amounts, and are happy to accept conditions on which areas of marketing, event provision or charity funds the money goes towards.


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By @M1ke & @rowleyaj.