TechHub London Open Days


TechHub is growing, and we’d love for you to grow with us. We’re now on the lookout for awesome product entrepreneurs to join our London community. If your startup is building a tech product and you’re looking for a permanent workspace in the midst of London’s most vibrant tech community at TechHub London, we have some great news: we’re hosting Open Days to offer eligible startups a taste of our Resident Membership.

Who are TechHub Resident Members?
They’re our Army of Awesome, the secret ingredient that makes our community better, faster, stronger. They’re an invaluable source of knowledge and support for fellow TechHubbers, especially those new to the world of tech entrepreneurship. They’re individuals and teams who have chosen TechHub as their permanent home, and whose startups tend to be further along the entrepreneurial journey.

Your startup is eligible for TechHub resident membership if you’ve “unlocked” one (or more) of the following achievements:

  • progressed past the prototype / MVP stage to a more mature product
  • successfully raised a round (or multiple rounds!) of funding, or self-financed / bootstrapped your startup
  • acquired a strong client/user base and are well on your way to monetising your offering

Think you have what it takes to become a TechHub Resident Member? Then claim your spot at the next round of Open Days - Monday 22nd & Tuesday 23rd of February; Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd of March.

What are TechHub Open Days?

TechHub Open Days give startups interested in TechHub membership the chance to use our space (and all the perks of membership) for free. It’s the perfect opportunity to see our community in action, learn about the different ways in which we support our members and see why we’re more than just a co-working space.

Attendees can use that time as they like - make use of super-fast wifi to get some work done, host a team brainstorming session in one of our meeting rooms, connect with fellow developers and entrepreneurs during TechHub Members’ Breakfast, or attend some awesome talks and workshops.

You’ll also get the chance to meet the TechHub team and quiz them on the following:

  • What are some TechHub success stories? E.g. raising 1+ million Euros, being acquired by the “big four” (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon), etc.
  • How are TechHub and TechCrunch related?
  • Can you bring your pet dogs to work with you?

How do I apply for TechHub Open Days?

Simple - just fill in this short form, telling us a bit more about yourself and your startup. We’ll be sending out Open Day applications within a week. If you have any questions in the meantime - feel free to email us at
You also have a chance to win one free week of resident membership*.


* Terms & Conditions apply: resident memberships are a rolling monthly contract with a 3-month minimum term, a 1 month deposit and a 1 month notice period.