TechHub London is Just Around the Corner

We're super excited to announce that TechHub London, our new location, opens in Ropemaker Street on 22nd June. We know we just announced TechHub Madrid and launched TechHub Boston not long ago but we thought we'd do something special just before our fifth birthday.

TechHub London can host up to 400 members and is the first TechHub in London to offer all three types of membership, from Team Members, to Resident Members and Flex Members.

TechHub London is still conveniently close to TechHub Shoreditch and TechHub @Campus but is near the City and gives you a smart setting to meet corporate clients and enterprise-focused VCs.

TechHub London will continue to provide a unique environment where tech entrepreneurs learn, develop faster and prosper through collaboration with peers, a wide range of events and connections with key business institutions and experts.

Our three London sites now provide maximum value for our membership because we cater for tech startups at every stage of their development.

Want to become part of the TechHub community? Apply HERE and see what all the fuss is about.

Read more about TechHub London HERE