TechHub featured in India

On a recent visit to Bangalore as part of a UKTI delegation, TechHub CEO Elizabeth Varley was interviewed about the indian startup community.

London-headquartered TechHub, which provides shared workspaces for start-ups, sees Bangalore as a gateway to India with a vibrant ecosystem in the city. TechHub is a community that offers permanent desks for resident start-ups and drop-by desks for annual members for a fee. "We had companies who were coding away in their bedrooms, now they have a desk for themselves. Some may have a great technology, but a terrible business plan. But by virtue of being a part of the TechHub, they get access to the full spectrum of the ecosystem including investors," said Elizabeth Varley, CEO of TechHub. "We are looking at 4 new sites in Europe and potentially India," she added.

You can find the full article from the Times of India here.

In addition several other publications covered the visit including Deccan Hearld and SIP Trunking.

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