TechHub Expands to Swansea - 5 reasons to build your startup by the beach

TechHub is proud to announce Swansea as the next TechHub destination.

TechHub is a community for technology entrepreneurs. We nurture an international network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing places where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun. The creation of TechHub Swansea means that we can forge stronger links between some of the UK's fastest growing technology clusters. We are proud to partner with the Welsh Government, both local universities and of course our global partners, Google, Blackberry and Telefonica's BlueVia to bring TechHub to Swansea. Get involved with the TechHub Swansea community here.

The space will feature workspace for up to 50 startups, superfast WiFi, a 100 person event space hosting everything from pitch nights to investment breakfast sessions including Startup Weekend Swansea to be held later this year.

5 reasons to build your startup in Swansea

1. Great Universities

Swansea is catered to by two major universities, boasting world class Engineering and Computer Science departments. Coupled with great startups programs such as Schools for Startups, this means that there is a wealth of talent in the area that startups can take advantage of.

2. Good Tech & Creative Community

Organised around the Swansea Start group the strong collaborative tech and create community help's startups succeed. We know how important community is for startups, and the basis in this area is already very strong.

3. Life Science

Swansea was recently cited by Cisco in a recent article as a key area for producing health technology in the UK. This is an area we have seen as ripe for disruption by startups, and we look forward to seeing what companies produce.

4. Welsh Government

The Welsh government is hugely supportive of the startup community in South Wales with programs like the High Potential Startup Program, Finance Wales, Supercomputer Infrastructure HPC Wales and many others, now including TechHub Swansea.

5. Build your startup from the Beach

Living costs in Swansea are almost half the price of London, access to one of the worlds best beaches is 5 minutes away, not to mention ice cream in the Mumbles. It's not surprising that people are looking to Swansea for better quality of life.

Swansea Pioneers

Swansea is a great example of how different elements of the tech startup ecosystem are coming together to tap into the emerging talent that exists in Wales. With its proximity to South West UK and that region's long-standing history of technology innovation, plus great local support from universities and government and a kick-ass founding team, we're really excited to see what TechHub Swansea can do. - Elizabeth Varley, CEO TechHub

TechHub Swansea will be pioneered by serial entrepreneurs Matt Warren, Paul Harwood and Adam Curtis founders of Swansea Start, with the backing of a killer advisory board consisting of:

The TechHub concept was developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and promises to provide an environment that will stimulate the growth of new hi tech companies in Wales.

Encouraging entrepreneurs and supporting start-ups with high growth potential is an integral part of our strategy to grow the economy and create quality jobs. This private sector initiative is therefore very welcome and will complement Welsh Government supported´┐Żactivities to boost the business birth rate. - Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport

You can join the TechHub community from as little as ´┐Ż300 per year. Check out all the benefits from becoming a member and Apply for TechHub Swansea Membership Here Follow @TechHubSwansea on twitter.

All new members will have access to other TechHub sites in London,Manchester,Riga and Bucharest.

Croeso i TechHub!

TechHub is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. We nurture an international network of like-minded and focused tech entrepreneurs, providing places where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun. By getting the right people together in a physical space, good things happen. - @TechHub

Huge thanks to Foomandoonian for use of his work in this post