TechHub Demo Night: Big Data, Finance & Cloud

April's theme at TechHub London is 'Big Data, Finance & The Cloud', and our Demo Night on Tuesday 2nd April will show off some wonderful cutting-edge innovations. To let you know what to expect and whet your appetite, we've outlined below some of the demoing products - if you like what you see, book your ticket here! know that the internet is full of data that's useful to all sorts of people, but there's no easy way to get it.

So, they've solved the problem for you. Their powerful platform allows users to extract data from any site, connect to it in realtime, and mix API's from a variety of sources. The user-friendly design allows anyone (not just developers!) access to a virtually unlimited host of online data, and looks to really expand the way that all data-hungry users utilise the web. Whether you're a designer, developer or entrepreneur, this tool is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Individuals and organisations waste time daily trying to find their files across cloud stores and email, when they could be editing or sharing them. Wiiv's faceted search and visual browser gets our customers to the right file, email or folder fast. Wiiv integrates with Google Drive/Docs/Mail and Dropbox, with more cloud services on the way.


Kinopto aim to change the way films reach the cinema. They have built a cloud-based distribution system that pushes movie files out to exhibitors via the internet � believe it or not, most films still arrive courier-delivered on hard-drives.

The flexibility of the delivery and playback system enables some exciting new possibilities for getting films, particularly independent ones, to the big screen. Their first application which they�ll be showing off combines elements of crowd-sourcing and voting to make sure the most popular film gets shown.


DataShaka think people need a better way to manage data. The DataShaka platform has been built to solve the Variety problem within Big Data, providing a solution that puts unified data at the heart of business. Their ground-breaking technology brings together the data sets that our clients and partners want � web performance, social media, sales � freeing them to do what they�re great at: understanding their business and making better decisions.

Funding Options

If your business gives credit to other businesses, you need to understand what risks are involved.

LedgerLive helps you manage cash flow and avoid bad debt by showing you credit scores and payment metrics for the businesses that owe you money. It links in with cloud accounting platforms (Xero, Freeagent and SageOne) to give you a dashboard displaying a risk-based view of your sales ledger. claim that 97% of businesses around the world are less than 10 people. They're building their product because entrepreneurs have no time for Excel, there may be no money to hire a CFO, and accounting can be very confusing.

So who�s helping those businesses manage their finances, expenses, cashflow in real-time? is like Spotify for Financial Data, IFTTT for B2B services & in a single Cloud/app experience. The app will be available soon on OSX and iOS.


Narrato is a cloud platform that lets software and devices privately record information for you. We believe by combining all this data into a single, unified profile, software can be made more useful to you and you learn more about yourself in the process.

You control the access, the data is yours.

Site Morph

Site Morph is a collection of web apps that improve websites by generating ideas to help site owners with inbound marketing, customer engagement, and conversion optimisation. The core service identifies potential ideas and missed opportunities using automated analysis, offering the site owner targeted and condensed guides.

So you've heard about the type of companies that you can expect to see demoing, now make sure that you don't miss out and grab yourself a ticket now!