TechHub Demo Night: Events, Travel, Leisure and Communication Demo Night

Our famous TechHub Demo Night is once again just around the corner hosted by Google Campus London, and we're excited to show you all the companies that will be showcasing their work. On Tuesday May 7th we have 6 companies looking for feedback, contacts and any other advice that you can give them. As always, these events do get very busy and often sell out, so make sure to get your ticket now!


enModus is a Bristol-based smart home start-up founded in 2010. It boasts a groundbreaking new powerline communications solution called Wattwave, developed specifically for low bit-rate smart home applications. enModus is currently in the final stages of development of Wattzo, the easiest way to control and monitor devices and appliances in your home using your smartphone or tablet, and the first consumer product to use Wattwave.


Ever been on a night out and stuck for what to do next? Lamppost is a mobile nightlife guide which can help - browse DJs, club nights, live music, performances and other nightlife options near wherever you are. As well as helping nightlife lovers, for promoters and DJs they will offer an opportunity to advertise their club nights to a local, engaged audience using our location-based marketing platform.

Lamppost launched in London and features hundreds of events daily, and now covers a number of other UK cities. Lamppost is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play.


Do you sometimes feel like your company spends their whole time on email and yet has absolutely nothing to show for it? Does your wiki feel less like Wikipedia and more like Miss Havisham's attic? Does Nathan the new-boy take hours of your time and training?

Copyin wants to help you capture the reams of email you're already writing and use that to create your training material. It turns the Q&A within your team into clean, clear, searchable documents that you can link to and edit just like a wiki page. It works entirely from your inbox and lets your team easily ask and answer each other's questions by email as normal. By simply saving the conversations that already happen, Copyin makes sure that Nathan the new-boy knows his job even before you do.

FabFabbers is a new website for sharing and designing models for 3D printing. They believe that their main benefit over Thingiverse (the incumbent) are the ability to back models with a GitHub repo - which stays in sync on the site whenever they check in changes to their model, and a programmatic design program called OpenSCAD, popular in the 3D printing community, converted to run directly in the browser. This allows other people to easily customise models from basic parameters (like width, height etc), without needed to download anything.


Flat-Club is an exclusive short-term renting marketplace to book & offer accommodation from 1 night up to 6 months within trusted networks. They focus on students and alumni of top universities and employees of top companies, helping hosts make extra income by finding guests they trust, and guests find hassle free trusted accommodation.

Launched in November 2010 with 5 apartments in London, Flat-Club quickly grew to over 3,000 rooms and apartments in 10 global cities and a community of 30,000 members. At TechHub Demo Night, they will introduce their completely new platform which is being built to leverage the club and social tailored experience in Flat-Club.


Kangaroom lets you find a room to rent in flatshares and houseshares across the UK. They provide an easy-to-use, de-duplicated and fast web application that works across phones, tablets and computers.

By pulling in data from all the major existing networks, Kangaroom has focused on providing clear, concise information, presented in a visually stunning manner.


StreetScout is a routing application for iPhone which helps users find what they�re looking for on their journeys. With a simple and intuitive interface, and a pleasing user experience, StreetScout helps people every day to find the most efficient ways to find what they're looking by providing them with the information they need about their route. It was originally created by Dan Hough, and Pete O'Grady and Chris Shepherd (all from Huddle) got involved along the way. It is bootstrapped by the founders and recently won an award for the Most Viable Demo from the Founders' Hive.

Lanyrd Pro

Lanyrd Pro provides tools for companies that speak at and sponsor events, helping them promote the events they are involved with and effectively plan their ongoing event marketing strategies. The product builds on Lanyrd's rich database of events and speakers, incorporating a branded events portal and a suite of private tools for internal coordination around events. Facebook, GitHub and Heroku are just three of the great companies already benefiting from Lanyrd Pro.

Wow, there certainly is a lot to look forward to there! Once again, our tickets do sell out, and we get super busy, so book your ticket today to see cutting edge technology in action!

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