TechHub Competition: Win 4 free day-passes to Digital Shoreditch for your startup

Everyone knows that at TechHub we love startups. And that's why we've got together with Digital Shoreditch to offer you the chance to win 4 free day-passes for your startup!

The passes are for Monday's event; "What Tech City?" where all the movers and shakers of Londons tech scene get together to explore how it all works, and how to make it better.

In return for this, we'd like you to show us what your life as a startup looks like! Download Frameblast for your iPhone (only on iOS I'm afraid - might have to borrow!) and make a quick, easy video about what you get up to. We want to see how you work, where you work, what you eat, who you see - make it as interesting as you can!

Then just upload the video to Youtube and Tweet us a link @TechHub, or post to our Facebook page. We'll choose the winner Thursday morning, so get Blastin'!

We're currently choosing the winner of our first day pass, where we had some wonderful entries showing 'Entrepreneurship is....'. We'lll be posting the winning entry here soon!