TechHub collaboration behind London Underground map redesign wins twice at Design100 UK app awards

TechHub @ Campus London members Neil Glenister of 232 Studios and Ian Hamilton of IHDC have won both best tourism app and best small studio at the Design100 UK app awards. They collaborated to produce Colourblind Tube Map, an app to make the tube map more accessible to people with a wide range of vision impairments, from colourblindness to cataracts, together with accessibility considerations for the mild motor & cognitive impairments that often go hand in hand with reduced vision.

The production was not easy, particularly the extensive negotiations required in order to modify the London Underground map, something that has not before been achieved and that we were initially told was not possible.

The perseverance paid off, and together with securing research & testing resources both within Campus and externally, resulted in a product that initially won the judges award at the TFL accessibility awards, a good practice award from the Design for all foundation, that has been showcased by a wide variety of organisations from DeafBlindUK to the British Cartographic Society, and now also the Design100 wins. So it's a nice example of how important both belief in your product and tenacity are. Other key learnings were the importance of investing early on in good user research, and not being afraid to seek out external expertise when needed.

Current projects include ongoing work on accessibility guidelines for the video games industry, which itself recently won recognition from the FCC for advancing the field of accessibility for people with learning and developmental disabilities, and the imminent launch of 232's first self-published game, Epic Eric, on gamestick, iOS and Android.