TechHub changes the face of Silicon Roundabout

The northwest corner of the world�s most innovative roundabout is much brighter today. Many have looked up, wondering what the glowing coloured lights are all about on just one floor of the tallest building in Tech City.

Today it is revealed as TechHub at 207 Old Street, now the home to some of the fastest-growing tech businesses in London. To-date TechHub companies have raised over US$200 million in funding, including Nexmo, based at TechHub Old Street with a recent US$18m raise on a US$100m valuation. After a focus on national and international expansion including Manchester, Swansea, Riga, Bucharest and Berlin, we're redoubling our efforts on our community in London.

Since David Cameron officially launched London�s Tech City in 2010, just five months after the launch of TechHub, incorporation of tech and digital companies has grown by over 75% and a staggering 27% of all job growth in London now comes from the tech and digital sector. TechHub is at the very heart of this development, and like the rest of the industry rapid prototyping and speed to market is essential - Duncan Swinhoe, Managing Director, Gensler.

In true startup style, we needed to expand, and fast! Moving from our original London site on City Rd launched in July 2010, we had just 90 days to contract, design, build and move into a new space, with our member companies growing continuously through the process. Global design firm Gensler stepped in, collaborating with TPS Contractors to help make it happen.

The new space accommodates our maturing startups and larger companies (teams of 6-30) graduating from TechHub @ Campus, creating a new model meeting the needs of London�s fast-growth tech firms. The result incorporates a strong balance of highly flexible team spaces allowing emerging companies to create their own team culture, large community areas, plus agile social spaces that maintain the energy and spontaneity of startup life. Startups have told us that even as they grow larger, they want to remain part of the vibrant startup culture engendered by TechHub, with us bringing them all together both physically and virtually.

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub�s Co-founder & CEO said of the new space:

TechHub Old Street is a clear demonstration of how strong design works with the energetic and dynamic nature of TechHub�s startup culture and the lightning speed of the tech industry. It�s a perfect example of how companies can rapidly and affordably transform a space to work for a vibrant community. It�s the first project of our new Global Projects Director Andrew Tibbitts who joined us from a distinguished career at business organisation London First.

Clare Sutcliffe, Co-founder of Code Club that creates programmes for volunteers to teach at after school coding clubs said:

Being part of TechHub Old Street has really helped to create our own company culture and space, while still being part of the community. It�s meant we can really focus on our business instead of having to plan for our space needs in the future, right now - if we need to grow, we�ll grow with TechHub.

Henry Firth, Founder of PingTune - the music messaging app added:

The PingTune team is growing fast. We have grown from one person to 20 in less than a year. TechHub have helped by providing flexible workspaces as we grow, so we can focus on building an exceptional product. And working in this startup community has helped us to attract great talent.

A full gallery of Images of TechHub Old Street can be found here.

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