TechHub Bucharest official launch - video recording

Some of you might have been waiting for this: the video recording of what's happened on-stage at our launch event is here! But first, let us tell you a few words about what happened and what you'll be seeing in the recording:

With our co-founders dressed as the dream-crew who lead the starship Enterprise on its journey to "seek out new life and new civilizations", we officially launched TechHub Bucharest, together with the wonderful Bucharest tech community, on May 9th.

The on-stage event started with a panel about the opening of TechHub Bucharest and the benefits of being part of the global TechHub network. The panel included TechHub Bucharest co-founders Daniel Dragomir, Bogdan Iordache and Stefan Szakal as well as James Knight, International Development Manager at TechHub, and was moderated by Mike Butcher, editor at large at TechCrunch and co-founder of TechHub. We also had second TechHub co-founder Elizabeth Varley live on Skype from New York giving the official Engage! command for TechHub Bucharest.

The event continued with another panel talking about the development of Romanian startups and the ways in which TechHub Bucharest can benefit the community. Panelists were Vladimir Oane - co-founder of uberVU, Bobby Voicu - co-founder of MavenHut and George Lemnaru - co-founder of eRepublik currently working on his third startup, GreenHorseGames, also one of the first residents of TechHub Bucharest.

The third panel gathered some of the local active business angels, talking about the investor point of view on the developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania and their interest in meeting startups through the TechHub Bucharest network. The panel included Andrei Pitis, Radu Georgescu and Marian Dusan.

In the fourth panel, it was time for the Research and Development centers' representatives to show their support for TechHub Bucharest and discuss the positive impact it has for the bigger players on the tech market. Alex Marinescu - head of operations at Electronic Arts Romania, Teodor Ceausu - country manager of IXIA Romania and Dragos Georgita - director of engineering at Adobe Romania talked about their companies' choice of supporting the local tech entrepreneurial community.

Last but certainly not least, it was time for the VC funds and startups support programs to take the stage. The panel included Mihai Sfintescu - 3TS Partners, Dan Lupu - Early Bird Ventures, Catalina Rusu - Geekcelerator and Paula Apreutesei - ARTIE (support program by Romanian-American Foundation). Mike Butcher got them all to promise they'll be putting time and money to support the startups in the TechHub network.

So there you have it: the line-up of people that we've gathered to show their support for TechHub Bucharest should give you quite a good idea about what we aim to become: another important link in the building of the Romanian tech entrepreneurial echo-system. We aim to get as many techies working together in the same space, sharing ideas and connections, as well as get the important players together to offer support and guidance to the developing community.

So join us and keep an eye on us, we'll be organizing and hosting many interesting events and initiatives!

The TechHub Bucharest launch event was organized together with How to Web, with the support of Adobe Romania, Staropramen, Aqua Carpatica, Leibniz and Haribo, and was live-streamed by

PS: A complete set of pics from the event, on our Facebook page.