TechHub Bucharest gets awarded at ROCS Gala 2013

Last night we received a special award for our activity with TechHub Bucharest so far: the Entrepreneurship Innovation of the Year award from the Romanian Computer Show (ROCS).

The 19th edition of the ROCS Gala brought together some of the key players in the Romanian IT industry, who have helped shape the tech landscape and are still developing innovative technologies that enable companies to grow. ROCS brings together companies that handle big data, cloud computing, data management systems and other important technologies and the people who make them happen.

TechHub Bucharest was regarded at the innovation of the year for the tech entrepreneurship community, because of its constant and dedicated efforts to educate, empower and support entrepreneurs and startups building great tech products.

We do this constantly through the events we organize each week, through the partners (Bitdefender, Adobe Systems, How to Web) we have and by constantly adding new skilled and talented individuals to the community.

Thank you, ROCS, for this award and we can already tell you we have even bigger plans for 2014!