TechHub Bucharest Demo Night: what a ride!

Even tough it was a while ago, we're still thinking about it: TechHub Bucharest Demo Night was a great evening! We were delighted to have 4 of our resident startups pitch on the stage and showcase their work. We saw them practicing their pitches all day long and it was great to watch them get feedback from the specialist jury. Opening up to other startups to join the event also helped us discover very cool teams, products and ideas which we enjoyed to watch pitching.

It's amazing how much and how fast you can learn to improve your pitch when you get valuable feedback and see other startups pitch their product. Moreover, having your idea, product or pitching style challenged is tremendously important to improving each of these aspects, if not all at once.

Demo Night went incredibly well, so maybe we'll do it again sometime. :) You can also find the winners of the Best Pitch and Best Startup in the list below.

Until then, here are the startups who took the stage for their 5 minutes pitch and what they're working on:

Browsee Imagine that you could browse the web just as easy and simple as we do it on our desktop computers or laptops, but benefiting from the big size of the TV screen and without the need of an extra remote control nor keyboard/mouse, doing this from the comfort of our couch/beds in our homes. For this to be possible, you just need to connect the Browsee device to your TV, pair it with the Browsee App in your smartphone so you can control the input on the screen (both for keyboard and mouse) and that's it. It is ready to use with any TV (either old, smart or non-smart). You can use the same browser that you use in your desktop computer / laptop and have the same plugins / bookmarks and thus, the same (awesome) experience. Browsee can provide all this because it has been developed from the start as an integrated platform that contains a tiny device that you connect to your TV just like any other external input device, a dedicated embedded operating system, and a companion smartphone app, all designed to work together flawlessly.

Gloria Food - winner of Best Pitch! The mission of GloriaFood is to provide food lovers an amazing ordering experience when ordering online. They think this should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order.
GloriaFood is an online ordering system for restaurants. Restaurant owners and managers can add an �Order Online� button to their website or facebook page. They can then turn their smartphone or tablet into an order receiving machine by installing an app. They are the first in the market that bring the freemium business model to the restaurant industry.

Minutizer Minutizer - Real time payments for real time interaction. is like Paypal+Skype. We bring the payment where real human interaction already happens: on Instant Messaging applications like Skype and soon on ooVoo, Yahoo! Messenger & AIM. We developed a system that allows the customer to pay-per-minute for the time and knowledge provided by a service provider on a video/audio call on Skype. Technically,both parties need a account, the customers adds funds via credit/debit card and pays the service provider. Verticals we target in the beginning: online after school teaching, online psychic reading, online coaching and why not: online guitar lessons.

Render Street RenderStreet is the next generation render farm for 3D projects. It was development since January 2012, then in closed beta from mid-November 2012 to End of January 2013. The site was launched as open beta in February 2013. We are disrupting an established market by bringing it to the 21st century. We give our customers a very easy to use interface that hides a lot of the complexity of rendering projects on a render farm. At the same time, our service is affordable and fast. We are targeting small advertising studios, individual professionals, and architectural studios, segments that traditionally have been neglected by the render farm industry. The industry is focused a lot on the big spenders like bigger movie studios and large agencies.

AirPlusPlus AirPlusPlus is an electronic device that you keep your home. It measures 6 common indoor air pollutants. It alerts you when values are outside safe levels on a beautiful LCD screen. It�s WiFi enabled, syncs data with cloud, where you can view detailed reports, advice and community built around it.

MediFlare MediFlare is an Electronic Medical Record and Structured Reporting tool for small and medium clinics and individual practitioners.
It�s easy to configure and even easier to use. It is a modern, flexible and user-friendly tool which helps medical clinics to manage the medical records and patient data.

Wyliodrin - winner of Best Startup! The project's goal is to make bring embedded devices programming closer to the people. Instead of wiring up displays and keyboards to these devices, you may simply connect them to the Internet, via Ethernet or Wifi, and than program, monitor and control them from anywhere using a web browser.
Projects are mostly done in teams. Let aside from share projects and saving several versions, we offer real time team programming. Writing code is now live, as soon as you modify it, everybody sees it. This may be very useful in education, where teachers can watch and correct students.
We also support several programming languages, from C to Pascal, Python, Objective-C or Java.

A big thank you to all the startups that signed up and congrats to the winners! Also, we couldn't forget the public, which wholeheartedly applauded the participants. Here are the pictures to prove it! All in all, TechHub Bucharest is not a bad place to work when you're building your dream.