TechHub Bucharest: 2 Years Later

It�s 2 years now since we�ve embarked together on this amazing journey with a clear purpose in mind: to build a stronger local tech community and help startups grow faster & better. It�s this common objective that guided every single step on our way and here we are, 2 years and 165+ events later, having brought 270+ speakers & mentors in front of our audience of more than 6500 people, with 80+ resident members that work on a daily basis from the co-working space at TechHub Bucharest.

It�s on May 9 that we turned 2, but we decided to postpone the celebration until yesterday since we prepared a couple of surprises and new programs for the tech community around. Yesterday it was time to share these with 100+ leaders of the local tech ecosystem that joined us to celebrate together both the accomplishments of the previous years, as well as this new beginning.

TechHub Bucharest: The story

It all started back in 2012 with a blog post. Bogdan Iordache, then CEO of How to Web, found himself and his team without an office space when Bucharest Hubb, the only co-working space for tech professionals in Bucharest, announced its closing. He wrote a blog post expressing his disappointment and asking people in the community whether they�d like to have such a place. He was surprised to see their interest and engagement.

This is how the idea of what was supposed to be The Next Hub was born. A couple of months later, Mike Butcher, Co-Founder of the TechHub global network, invited Bogdan to open a hub within the network. With Daniel Dragomir as CEO & Co-Founder, and Stefan Szakal as Co-Founder, TechHub Bucharest was officially announced on the main stage of How to Web Conference 2012.

It was on May 9th 2013 that we officially opened doors and welcomed members to join us. The rest is history by now, and we�re incredibly proud that TechHub Bucharest has turned into the very heart of the most vibrant community in town.

TechHub Bucharest: The events

Besides offering access to the co-working space available, we couldn�t follow our mission without providing startups and tech professionals in our community access to global networking opportunities and valuable know-how. By attending meetups, Open Hours sessions, hackathons, workshops, Demo Nights, or fireside chats, our members learnt from the experience of others, received feedback and valuable advice, and managed to overcome the challenges they faced in their day-to-day operations.

It�s the events that we organized and hosted, often on a daily basis, which helped them go forward, so let�s take a glance at what happened around over the past 2 years.

TechHub & community Meetups

Over the past 2 years, we�ve organized 21 TechHub Meetups on topics such as building startup communities, developing killer games, localizing your product, user acquisition, SEO, UX/UI, online security, and more. 100+ reputed professionals such as Bill Aulet (Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship), Florin Talpe? (President & Co-Founder, Bitdefender), Mike Butcher (Senior Editor, TechCrunch & Co-Founder, TechHub Global), Olaf Lausen (Chief of Staff of the CEO & Business Development Director, Telekom Romania) or Vassil Terziev (Co-Founder & CEO, Telerik) took the stage to share their experience with 2500+ attendees.
Besides these, we are happy to have fostered the development of several niche communities (Big Data, Frontend, Bitcoin, JavaScript, Agile, and more) that started organizing their own meetups at TechHub Bucharest, thus further facilitating the knowledge exchange process and empowering independent actors to act together for building a stronger community.

The local tech community became visible on the regional tech scene, and international organizations such as LAUNCHub, Eleven, Pirates on Shore, Startup Sauna, EIT ICT Labs, or Startup DNA came to Romania to organize dedicated events for our members.

Open Hours Sessions

The learning experience startups get by talking with experienced mentors is instrumental to help them overcome the obstacles they�re facing when building their products. That�s why we�ve put together the Open Hours concept, where we connect members of our community with tech professionals and specialists willing to offer feedback and share their best practices during 1 on 1 meetings. We�ve organized 37 Open Hours sessions so far, ending up with 200+ 1 on 1 meetings with experienced professionals & representatives of top-notch accelerators in Europe and beyond, and hundreds of hours of insightful talks and valuable feedback.

Hackathons, Demo Nights, workshops & more

Over time, we�ve organized and hosted a series of other events to serve the needs of our ever-growing community: hackathons to foster the creativity and innovation potential of tech professionals out there, Demo Nights to enable startups in our community to showcase their products in front of an audience and receive feedback from angels and VCs, workshops providing hands-on information on different topics of interest for our members, and many more.

A community driven initiative

TechHub Bucharest is a community-driven initiative, and nothing of all these could have happened without the support we�ve received over time from our trusted mentors and partners. Our warm thanks go to Bitdefender, Telekom Romania, King and Avangate, our trusted partners, to our mentors and speakers that accepted our invitations to take the stage on several occasions, give feedback and share their wisdom, as well as to each and every one of you: for attending our events, for giving us constructive feedback to help us become better, for getting involved and helping others, and, last but not least, for bringing your personal contribution to the entire tech community.

We have to admit that we were impressed by the great number of community members willing to give a helping hand and leave their fingerprint on the consolidation of the community, and on the development of the entire ecosystem.

A new beginning

And here we are now, facing a new beginning that comes along with promising opportunities as well as lots of challenges that we still have to face and overcome together. It�s now time to talk about the surprises we�ve mentioned earlier in this post.

The new event space @ TechHub Bucharest

The first one of them is that yesterday we launched a brand new event space at TechHub Bucharest, located at the ground floor of the same building on 39-41 Nicolae Filipescu Street. We built it since the old space at TechHub Bucharest could no longer cater to the needs of the ever-growing community, so we felt it�s time to go on to the next level. Starting July 1st, resident members will have their own dedicated space at the first floor of the building, whereas all the events will be organized downstairs, in our cosy new space.

Welcome to TechSociety by King

As for the second surprise, we proudly welcome you to TechSociety by King, a program that we�ve built to bring the tech community together. This initiative is designed to empower all community leaders and tech professionals out there and offer them all the support they need organize interesting events (meetups, workshops, conferences and more) for the Bucharest tech community.

If you�re one of them, all you�ve got to do is complete the registration form available online at - we offer you our event space, all the logistical support you need in putting together a great event, and we�ll spread the message across in our community. And all this for free, as long as your event is free and interesting for the tech community.

Here we are now, one step closer to reaching our final destination: an innovation-drive, product-oriented ecosystem. The Romanian tech professionals community of today is stronger than it has ever been and we are confident that it will keep growing and consolidating in the months to come, with the support of TechSociety by King and all the initiatives that we�re going to build together. We�re ready to start writing a new chapter in the story of the Bucharest tech community and we�d love to have you on board and work on this together!

So here�s for a new beginning and to many more!