TechHub and Eyetease: Free advertising space for your startup!

As you may have seen from our numerous Tweets, Facebook photos and general ramblings, we've got ourselves some ad-space atop a black cab! Our lovely members Eyetease have put us, and other TechHub members, on their unique advertising space.

Now, we want to open the chance up to other companies too! We'll be choosing the 5 companies that send us the most creative ads, and we'll snap them in a location around London, of your choosing. So you can get your startup shown to crowds at Big Ben, media agencies in Soho or any other famous London location that you want! Also, because it's February and TechHub loves startups, we'll give you a days use of our lovely co-working space and a whole bunch of TechHub swag!

The details: The dimensions for your ad need to be: 8000px x 2092px, and in '.jpeg' format. Aside from that: be creative! We want your ad to be visually stunning, and command attention. After all, your startup will be seen alongside 'big boys' on busses and billboards, give the public a good reason to look at you instead!

Get started now on your most beautiful adverts, and we can't wait to show them off to the rest of London.