TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Hackathon - results, tips, crazy companies and the Hot Dog Cam!

The Techcrunch Disrupt hackathon is now over, the funky customised techno robot theme tune is playing and after over 100 pitches a winner has been revealed:

Winner - Foursquare Pre Checkin (allows users to pre checkin on foursquare so friends can plan their travel / event shenanigans)

The event was sponsored by several well known companies including TechHub members Nexmo. Admittedly we missed some of the pitches but here are some examples of products which you can you build in 24 hours!

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • A dukebox powered by bitcoin micro payments.
  • An app dedicated to preparing people for Berghain - Berlin's largest electronic music club.
  • Cheapsake - An app to find foursquare specials when travelling.
  • A British motor racing app which integrates local business via the Foursquare API into the racetrack.
  • Context base reminder app i.e If it's going to rain today remind me to take an umbrella to work.
  • Crowdsourced radioactivity tracking.
  • App which tracks teeth brushing using the iphone accelerometers to monitor technique.
  • ERA - A "musical blast form the past" displays facebook photos with appropriate music from that era - it's a nostalgia thing.
  • Foursqaure notification wrist strap.
  • My Swim Lane - A service for booking swim lanes.
  • Big data analysis of demographics for clubs / bars using a small sensor array and visual processing. Testing it here revealed apparently only 30% of people in attendance here at TC are woman.
  • Coinbox (pictured) - An arduino powered coin box which using a secure bluetooth connection to deposit money in a holding account which can be spent online.

  • Smart rating systems, a service which providers customised ratings for users based on their personal preferences and the ratings of their social net.
  • A never ending pub quiz.
  • Real world monopoly, buy properties and charge people when they use them.
  • A service allowing online stores to give consumer discounts based upon interaction with the brand on social media i.e follow, hashtag, tweet etc.
  • Email print drivers for iphone.
  • Third party provider for contact forms.
  • Event Mood - tracks the happiness of your event attendees throughout an event using sentiment analysis and facial recognition on photos.
  • A Colourful Gift - Allows you to crowdfund your honeymoon though use of interactive graphics.
  • Zalando Alert - Price tracking using the Zalando api, informing consumers when the items they are tracking increase / decrease in price.
  • MoodMap - Tracks your friends emotional states using their social media accounts.
  • Twapple - Social influences are paid to help promote business in developing countries who don't have cheap access to the internet.

The Hot Dog Cam

This happened and we felt the need to share it!

Quick Pitching Tips

There are thousands of pitching guides out there and we don't want to reinvent the wheel here, but just a few casual observations for the next time you're on stage.

  1. When you're doing a rapid fire pitching event, always remember to clearly state your company name - seriously so many people didn't.
  2. If you're demoing a music app, be sure not to use Justin Bieber as your sample track.
  3. Actually prepare and actually look like you give a crap. It's a hackathon, you're tired but try to inspire.
  4. Live demos fail, when possible always do a screen recording.
  5. Tweet immediately after you pitch, stating your company name and using the event hashtag so that people can easily find you afterwards.

Techcrunch Disrupt Europe beings tomorrow, if you cant make it to Berlin you can still watch the event on the live stream at or follow the conversation on twitter with #DisruptBerlin.

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