TechChill Baltics conference gathers startup scene leaders and lets Latvia strengthen its positions on European tech map

The coolest and the most content driven startup and IT conference in Latvia, TechChill Baltics, reveals expert advice in business growth and management, robot fights and pitch contest winner Edurio. More than 300 attendees visited the conference in person, while more than 3000 people followed the conference online on Lattelecom Television.

TechChill Baltics took place in Riga, Latvia, on February 10th and gathered more than 300 startups, experts, tech enthusiasts, VC�s, students and media from the Baltics, Scandinavia, the UK and the USA. The conference was opened by the Minister of Economics of Latvia Dana Reizniece-Ozola, but among the special guests were the robotized sumo wrestlers of the School of Robots that had triumphed in the prestigious All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament in Japan. �As the conference is getting bigger and more recognizable, we can say that Latvia continues strengthening its place on the European tech and innovation map,� Chairman of the Board at TechHub Riga, Ernests Stals, commented after TechChill.

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The central theme of the conference was startup growth-hacking and operations, collecting experience stories and advice on how to stimulate the development of a startup. TechStars London Managing Director Jon Bradford gave insights in the foundation of the startup success, highlighting the resilience, team strength and market fit. Meanwhile, George Berkowski, ex-Head of Product at Hailo, suggested forgetting sudden overnight startup success stories and focus on long-term growth and product quality and value instead. �The opportunities are global and the only limitation is our ambitions,� added David J. Brown, Ve Interactive CEO, and recommended to overcome fear and start conquering the international markets from the very beginning.

IT recruiting pioneer David Bizer stressed that vivid startup inner culture increased the productivity of business, and Ramon Recuero Moreno, Senior Engineer at Moz, remarked that passion was one of the most important assets that motivated founders and employees to foster the growth of the startup. In addition, Cristobal Alonso, Telenor DK Radical Transformation Program Director, accentuated that good managers chose to inspire their team rather than control its decisions, were humble and honest to themselves. The notion of passion also had its place in the panel discussion, featuring the moderator Dmitri Sarle of Arctic Startup and Cristobal Alonso, David Bizer, Ramon Recuero Moreno and Toms Baugis of � if you had only one day to live, would you still want to work where you worked?

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The final presentation was given by Andrew Hoag, President at Ferocia and ex-Manager of Startup Institute in Europe, who spoke about investment strategies from a founder�s perspective. �Founder needs to understand their financial needs, but also where the money will take them,� before looking for investment, he proposed to analyse one�s startup carefully to understand what the investment was for, what benefits it would have and what would be done when the goal was achieved.

TechChill concluded with the traditional pitch contest, and this year the pitchers competed for both the fame and love of investors and TechChill crowd and the main prize � an all-inclusive trip and participation in the International Business Week and Innovation Day in Israel. In a stiff fight among RingBe, SportID, Furnny, UpSteem and Edurio the latter ran away with the winner�s title � Edurio, who are building tools for schools and universities to track their education quality and identify improvement opportunities, will now have a chance to promote their startup on a bigger scale. The prize was supported by the Embassy of Israel and was presented by the Israeli Ambassador Hagit Ben-Yaakov.

Thanks to the support of the strategic partner Lattelecom, for the first time in the history of TechChill Baltics the conference was also broadcasted live online on Lattelecom Television, Lattelecom Interactive and Internet television. Expanding the horizons of the conference, that let more than 3000 people, interested in technology, innovation and startups, follow the conference and learn all about the newest trends in the field. The video archive is available till February 17th, and you can see it here.

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TechChill Baltics was hosted by TechHub Riga, the first and biggest IT and tech co-working space in Riga, gathering more than 30 startups under one roof and regularly organizing the events related to startups, entrepreneurship and technology, such as monthly Meetups and TechHub Startup Academy.

TechChill Baltics was supported by Lattelecom, Microsoft,, IBM Latvija, Ministry of Economics of Latvia, Embassy of Israel, Samsung, TagTie, Coffee Inn, BlueBacon, Palesu Mebeles, Hump, Vacantio and Latvian Guarantee Agency (the project of Support for startup education and workshop organization).