TechHub Swansea Startup Fuzmo is now live on Seedrs.

Tech Hub Swansea Startup Fuzmo is now live on crowd funding platform, Seedrs.

Fuzmo is a social picture sharing website for pet and animal photos. Supported by their social media presence on the Instagram social network where they have an impressive following of over 2 million users spread across multiple accounts, they are looking to become the central hub for animal pictures on the Internet.

Fuzmo CEO, Elliot Thomas has decided to take the company onto popular crowd funding platform, Seedrs, where they are looking to raise �37,700 for a 10% equity stake and plans to use this seed investment to take development up a level while also developing an IOS application.

Since launching their MVP on the 15th November 2013, Fuzmo has welcomed over 8000 users onto their platform and is growing by 100-150 new members each day.

Anybody who has spent a little time browsing through Facebook or Instagram will have most certainly seen the amount of pages and accounts setup to represent people�s pets and animals, so Fuzmo are attempting to take this to a whole new level, but will it work? Time will tell, but we certainly like it.

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