Tech failure? The show did go on!

What do you do when the power goes out, your venue is closed and 150 startups are heading your way? You remind entrepreneurs that even when the tech fails, you�ve still got to make that pitch!

Last night Campus London suffered a power cut, resulting in the closure of the building, an hour before we were due to open the doors to the biggest night of the month, TechHub Demo Night. What did we do? We took it to the streets of course!

This was lo-tech, startup chic to the max. Our new auditorium: the car park opposite. Our new stage: an emergency smoke outlet for the basement below. Our new mics: some serious lung-power.

Tech City suddenly had its own Speakers Corner - and it had a TechHub logo on it.

The TechHub team were frankly, fantastic, as everyone changed roles in an instant. Staff suddenly found themselves as a steward directing a mildly bewildered but very game crowd, or a negotiator convincing a local bar to give us discounts, or a set dresser figuring out how to stick a logo to brick. All in 30 minutes!

The TechHub crowd� well you were awesome. You stuck with us, you got involved, you were good-humoured and you created an amazing atmosphere. And then you came down the pub (thanks Blueberry).

You were there the night of the Campus London power outage, the night the show went on. You were there for the first ever alfresco Demo Night!

I�m often asked "why TechHub?" Stuff like this is why TechHub.

Adam - TechHub London