Swansea University Computer Science Fair - 100 students present their work!

We're very excited to tell the world about the upcoming computer science fair that will held at TechHub Swansea.

The Student Projects Fair, run by Swansea University led projects Software Alliance Wales and Technocamps and the Computer Science department, are inviting IT businesses to come along to TechHub Swansea to meet with some of Swansea�s brightest young Computer Science graduates and to watch them present and demonstrate their final year projects, solving real life business dilemmas.

The �Project Fair� provides an ideal forum for employers to recruit from the pool of Swansea University�s homegrown talent with the high-level IT skills required to help businesses grow sustainably in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

During the evening, there will be plenty of opportunity for recruiters to meet up with the soon to be graduates and to discuss the scope and challenge of their individual projects � many of which address �real-life� business needs.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to vote for the �Best Student Project�; to meet with the academic and industry representatives who supervised the project work; and, as importantly, to network with like-minded tech companies, innovators and entrepreneurs.

In addition, representatives from Software Alliance Wales and the other ITWales projects - including: ITWales Placements and the work-based Computer Science Foundation Degree � will be on hand to talk through the benefits of collaboration between academia and industry.