Surfers app, Johnny on the Spot hits Kickstarter!

As spring is upon us and the weather continues to improve, we turn our attention to the thought of being by the seaside,(insert cheesy Cliff Richard lyrics here) Surfers will be searching out the best spots and conditions to get the most out of the weather... Enter Johnny on the Spot.

Johnny on the Spot came out of the 2013 startup weekend here in Swansea and has been in development since. It's a surfers personal diary giving you the ability to record swells, winds and tide conditions in your own personal surfers diary. They've now hit Kickstarter to help them through the final stage of development and are due to release soon, keep an eye out!

How it Works

Very simply - a surfer takes a picture of the waves and all the live swell, tide, and wind information is stamped onto the image. This can then be used as a record alongside which to compare future conditions, allowing a surfer to make informed choices about where, when and whether to go surfing. You can rate the image and make comments to help you remember exact details like how good it was and who you surfed with. When you bring up old photos they are are automatically compared to the current conditions at that spot, making it easier for you to decide where to go surfing.

Where we are and where we're going!

The app is now at a prototype stage. We've tested it and had some great feedback from all the surfers that have tried it. You're pledges will allow us to fund the very final stages of development and take Johnny on the Spot from prototype to product. Features like adding comments and retrieving data taken when pictures are taken out of range will make this a really useful tool for surfers all around the world who want to build a detailed knowledge of their coastline.

If you are a surfer and are worried about the possible negative implications of the app on your favourite secret spots, don't worry. Johnny on the Spot is the surfer's personal diary, and you can keep all your data completely private.

Ben Martin, founder of Johnny on the Spot says : 'Looking back on the day I first thought of the app I really couldn�t have imagined that just a few months later it would be a slick product ready to be released into the App Store!'

'It just shows the power of co-working spaces like Tech Hub, and I�m so grateful to Startup Weekend and the amazing team I met there for making this happen. Anything at all people can pledge to support us and get Johnny on the Spot over the finish line will be hugely appreciated! (That holiday in Cornwall�s a bargain by the way!) Surfers all over the world will be thanking you for it!'

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