Supporting I T.A.K.E. unconference - Bucharest, May 30-31

Moziac Works is organizing I T.A.K.E, unconference dedicated by excellence to software geeks, choosing not to focus on a specific technology, and instead talk about the principles behind writing software. The event will take place on May 30-31 at Alexander Hotel Bucharest.

Reuniting great names in the software industry and coming up with the special unconference format, the event offers varied topics and learning formats to ensure each participants gets the most appropriate experience for his own interests. The conference has 5 sessions, happening in parallel:

Speaking � No focus on specific technologies, but on essential best practices for any type of technology. Participants learn from some of the best practitioners in the domain.

Workshops � Participants will work together in groups, under the supervision of experienced facilitators. Work subjects will be architecture, programming, testing, as well as subjects of interest for managers. Activities will also touch unit testing, efficiency increase techniques and code re-factoring.

Product Development � Participants will create a new product. They will develop a useful application for the conference participants. Anyone who wishes can get involved for timeslots of at least half an hour. Participants will be encouraged to give quick feedback for the functionalities being added to the product.

Kata Lounge � Diverse problems will be raised by the participants who choose to attend the session. They will have to choose one of the proposed problems and start working on a solution. The purpose is to get participants using best practices in a limited time-frame. Experienced specialists will be providing feedback throughout the day on the written code. Best code will get awarded.

Open Space � Participants will propose discussion topics. They are the ones who will create this session�s whole schedule. There will be parallel discussions, each participant will get to participate in several sessions, according to his own preference.

To find out more about the concept, speakers and program, check out the conference website.

Our friends at Mozaic Works were kind enough to make a special offer for us: TechHub Bucharest members get a 28% discount. We also had two tickets to give to our members, lucky grabbers are Dan Jipa and Andrei Stanciu. Members - always keep an eye for Daniel's emails, if you don't want to miss such offers! ;)

PS. We'll be hosting a Code Retreat organized by Mozaic Works at the beginning of July. More details coming soon!