Startupreneurs: to be born in real practice

It�s time to build on your startup idea � join Startupreneurs, the EU exchange program for tech entrepreneurs, develop your business skills abroad and learn what it takes to make your idea grand! Applications for the summer batch are still open, step up your game and dive in:

Startups are born in real practice, be a part of it! No matter if you want to develop new apps, evaluate different markets or feel a true vibe of global entrepreneurship, Startupreneurs will offer a hands-on experience of your lifetime. As a node of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs' program Startupreneurs have access to great exchange traditions and huge network of entrepreneurs, and it gives all of this to you - join those 2000 new entrepreneurs from the EU who have already gone to exchanges, helped the host�s business and gained skills in management, team work and product development that afterwards gave an added value to their own career.

Ready to be born in real practice? Excellent! The only requirement, indeed, is to be truly in love with startups - the node is looking for all kinds of mindsets, starting from developers and engineers and ending with business planners, visionaries, community managers and marketing gurus. Thus, if you think big, plan to be in a startup, breathe technology and consider yourself ambitious enough, you�re on the verge of becoming an ideal Startupreneur.

Applications are still open for the summer batch, so be fast and grant your growth in the upcoming months. Apply via the official website, find your mentor, get selected and follow your startup dream! Have a chance to experiment when you are dealing with cultures, ventures and dreams! Fail fast and learn! Repeat and achieve success! Startups are your mission? Prove it!

Don't be too late, apply now! Contact the local coordinator Marija Rucevska ( or attend the informative seminar on June 17th to find out more.

The Startupreneurs' node is supported by the European Commission and implemented by TechHub Riga, the first and the biggest IT and tech co-working space in Latvia. The node also includes Civitta (Lithuania), (Belgium), Tetuan Valley (Spain), Power of Youth (United Kingdom), and exchanges are encouraged to happen among these countries to ensure a smooth run of the program. It is expected that in two years the node will facilitate 150 exchanges, 30 per each organisation.