Startupreneurs: 3 steps of application process for Host Entrepreneurs

Startupreneurs are on a ride! We’re pleased to see so many exchanges already taking place, but we are definitely looking for more. The application guide for new entrepreneurs is already covered, now it’s time to introduce the same 3 easy steps for the hosts.

Step #1: Comply with the rules

The experience and willingness to exchange knowledge are the key. To make the exchange both awesome and knowledgeable for both parties the Startupreneurs project is after those potential hosts whose entrepreneurship experience exceeds 3 years. Run business(es) for the past 3 years? Occupy owner-management positions? Welcome on board!

IMPORTANT: still got questions if you’re eligible? Contact for answers!

Step #2: Register in the system and upload your CV

The next step is to register in the Startupreneurs (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) system. Lots of questions on the application, and they all can cause you even more questions, we agree. Don’t be scared - we’re here to help! Our smart eyes will guide you through the whole process and make it easier!

Afterwards, you upload your CV in the system. Make your resume sweet and powerful as this is how the new entrepreneurs will find you! Make it stand out!

IMPORTANT: we can assist with the application process either face-to-face at TechHub Riga premises or on Skype!

Step #3: Find your employee

When the trickiest part is behind, the next - final one - begins. Find your employee using the Startupreneurs system or ask for an advice to project co-ordinator as she is working with organisations in the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Spain and Belgium that coordinate the same project!

Have a chat with the candidates and choose the one who fits your goals! Agree with the new entrepreneur on the exchange time and duration, and one of the most exciting professional journeys can start!

IMPORTANT: get more info on the project - contact

Are you in?