Startup Weekend Manchester: What went on, and why take part?

:) So I took some time before writing this to let it all soak in and marinate...

The Startup Weekend Manchester video saves me explaining a lot of what went on. In a nutshell, the video showcases the buzzing atmosphere and how much hard work went into the 54 hours. If you�ve already seen this video, which is great piece by Creative Moose, I hope you enjoyed watching it and have shared it with others who might be interested in taking part in the next Startup Weekend Manchester � or Barclays Social Enterprise Weekend, which is coming up on the 22nd February

Why we did this:

Barring the obvious reason of only wanting 4 hours� sleep for the weekend�.

We did this to show the community (and the world) what can be done here in Manchester within a weekend.

What we achieved in one weekend:

- 6 jobs were created
- 3 startups are currently trialling their products with Barclays
- around 15 people from the weekend have since expressed interest in setting up their own businesses
- and 10 people are now wanting to work for crazy entrepreneurs like myself who are working on creating the next big thing.

I'd like to know... where does that happen in one weekend as it did at Startup Weekend Manchester?

When did you last see big corporate figures dressed down and having a beer with the next generation of innovators and business men and women? On this note, Barclays were superb at helping the startups all weekend, from giving advice to even chewing the fat when someone needed a beer and a break from the intensity of the weekend.

Some have noticed that Startup Weekend Manchester was deliberately run parallel with �Silicon Valley Comes To The UK� and �Global Entrepreneurs Week�, the latter of which was the biggest entrepreneurs� event to date, running over two weeks. We're dedicated to giving you the opportunity to broaden your networks.

Did we tweet more than anywhere else in the world over our weekend? Yep. :) We even had people across the globe asking, �What's a �Manc�?�! ( :) we'll show you).

The start of much more to come:

We will be using TechHub Manchester as our base/flag in the ground for the majority of events in the city, but we of course will happily encourage, engage & support other activities in the city if we believe they share the spirit and vision of TechHub Manchester, which is of Manchester becoming a top 5 European startup destination.

If you�re thinking about creating a startup, come to Manchester, and visit us for a coffee at TechHub Manchester. You'll notice that we love what we're doing and that we love this city. See that in the spirit of the city, Manchester has already changed the world for the better and will only continue to do so.

Doug Ward, @SimplyDoug1987