Startup Funeral- First Edition in Bangalore!

"Nine out of Ten startups shut down in India every year."

Some startups who were solving real problems ran out of investments saving their pockets and fled the scene. Others, with the "Same Pinch" business models borrowed from the Western side of the world couldn't make it work in India. Several got crunched in the big battles of the low-value fights and some more who touched the success line but couldn't climb the ladder higher.

We had some of these unsung heroes come and speak to aspiring, evolving entrepreneurs and told the DOs / DON'Ts along with some heartbreaking experiences.

1. Our Phoenixes

A quick recap on our speakers...

Our first speaker, Mr. Raj Lalwani currently working in Ola, has ventured his journey to the Startup ecosystems with the companies, Sancus Technologies and iServe.

Raj goes by a single rule while swimming in the waters of the startup ecosystem :-

"Choose a Co-founder who is as passionate as you are about your company and whose shoulder you can cry on"

Our second speaker, Mr. Ravi Bhat, a part of the TechHub family, is currently working on conquering the Ecosystem again. He has spent the last 10 years in the ecosystem with the companies IndusEdge Innovations Private Limited(now SureWaves MediaTech Pvt Ltd), Ariem Technologies Private Limited and is currently working on his latest innovation - "piSignage" which is a product of Colloqi Consulting. Ravi started the session with a funny video demonstrating how the wrong direction can lead to a disaster. He later emphasized on his own and gave some really interesting gyaan on what are the DONTs and what are the MUST DOs when you are running a startup.

"Always ensure at least 10% of your funds are kept aside for Scaling Up"

2. The Questionnaire panel.

We also had some of our members and attendees have an open-ended forum throwing questions at our speakers.

3. The After Party!

And to wrap the event we had food from InnerChef. Because what's more better with Gup-Shup ? Foooood!

"The Man behind Startup Funeral!"

Our super energetic host for the evening,
Adam - Global Projects Director of TechHub.

He's seen enjoying crispy crunchy potato roll here along with his drink!

*Hope you all enjoyed the event and picked up some lessons. Valar Morghulis ( Until the next time) ! *

  • TechHub BLR Community Team