Stand by for captain's orders

This is THE day for the TechHub Bucharest team and everyone who's been holding their breath to see the TechHub open and fully up to speed.

A major thank you to everyone for showing so much excitement for our launch. Thank you to our confirmed guests, who we'll be welcoming to the space starting at 18:00, and thank you and we're sorry we can not accommodate you to the over 60 persons who are on our waitlist.

But guys, if you can't be there in person, the next best thing we can do is keep you comfortable in your personal chairs and show you what's going on on stage. So, we're happy to let you know that our friends at will be livestreaming the event.

The event agenda is:


Welcome coffee & networking


Panel 0: TechHub Bucharest - Engage! - Bogdan Iordache, Daniel Dragomir, Stefan Szakal, James Knight. Moderator: Mike Butcher.


Panel 1: Startups - George Lemnaru, Bobby Voicu, Vladimir Oane. Moderator: Mike Butcher.


Panel 2: Angel investors - Andrei Pitis, Radu Georgescu, Marian Dusan. Moderator: Bogdan Iordache


Panel 3: R&D centers - Alex Marinescu, Teodor Ceausu, Dragos Georgita. Moderator: Bogdan Iordache


Panel 4: VC funds & support programs - Mihai Sfintescu, Dan Lupu, Paula Apreutesei, Catalina Rusu. Moderator: Mike Butcher



So to everyone at home, stand by on our Facebook page at 19:00 for the livestreaming.

Have a good one, and keep practicing: En... !