Shnergle Post Mortem - an honest account from Robert Tregaskes

It's been a sad week here at TechHub, a week when we had to watch one of our resident members give up his dreams, and call it a day for his startup, Shnergle. The product wasn�t getting the traction it needed, and upon a lot of analysis the guys behind it assessed that it wasn�t likely to do so without unacceptably high levels of investment.

The companies founder, Robert has written this exceptionally honest account of what went wrong in a hope to help someone else avoid making similar mistakes. In his own words: 'Although it is uncomfortable in some places its better that others don�t make our mistakes.'

Ilhaam Manan, TechHub's memberships co-ordinator, says: 'We're going to be really sad to see these guys go - Rob was always a pleasure to bump into! I'm sure they've learned lots from their experiences with Shnergle and look forward to seeing what they embark on next. Onwards and upwards!'

Rob, Adam, Jonathan, Harshita and Stian - we are sad to see you leave, but hope you remain part of the TechHub community in some capacity in the future. Good luck!