Sergey Snegirev: the world behind pitching

Why and how do startups pitch? We invited the pitching regulars BranchTrack to our meetup to answer these questions and share their experience behind pitching at LOGIN, Latitude59 and Arctic15. Founder and CEO Sergey Snegirev revealed what made a good pitch and why a good pitch was not enough on its own to win.

The main reason of pitching

The �pitching� topic is not anything new in the startup world � the main reason why you pitch is to raise money. �Ask what you need,� Sergey notes � set your purpose and deliver!

Of course, you can add the notions of marketing and hiring as the pitch cements your visibility, lets you present your product and address to potential clients and investors. Yet, there is a lot at stake in the art of pitching � remember to put the correct emphasis on what you are saying.

Standard pitch never fails

Whatever you choose to pitch for, make sure your presentation is well prepared. �Standard pitch never fails,� Sergey states revealing the structure:

  • Tag line
  • Importance
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Product
  • Traction
  • Business model
  • Market size
  • Team
  • Ask what you want

Stick to your plan, look for visuals and repeat the text! Learn to work with the microphone, clicker and screen! Master your slides and repeat the text! Don�t oversell, but give out your story!

Who wins at the end?

Pitching contests always conclude with a winner. �The big guy will win,� Sergey reveals. No matter how much effort and sleepless nights you put in, the one who is bigger, has traction and investment or fits better will take the prize. Nothing personal!

Thus, you must take the best out of every pitching session you have. You will still have a reason to e-mail investors, remind of yourself and strengthen the established contacts. Use the opportunity wisely, you may not have this chance again!

Watch Sergey's keynote once more

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