Selling your product - lessons learnt as a startup founder

The talks at TechHub Bucharest are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect, to learn, and for ecosystems to build bridges to one another. All it takes is getting together in the same room.

This was the mood on Thursday evening, when Yann Girard came to TechHub Bucharest to share his experience with the local community, as part of his effort to Raise Awareness for Entrepreneurship in the CEE.

During the meetup, Yann talked about:

  • his experience with building a startup in China and some of the specifics of that particular ecosystem (where finances are abundant, but access to them is difficult, unless you're part of key circles)
  • how to validate your ideea and product
  • the steps you can take to get your first paying customers
  • ways to build trust among your audience
  • and the valuable interactions that define the adoption of your product.

We selected the top tips &tricks shared by Yann and put them together in this useful slide deck (which we encourage you to share with whoever may find it helpful).

[:slideshare 38022088]

See you at the next event!