RE.WORK Technology Summit 19 September, London

Guest post by Nikita Johnson

The RE.WORK Technology Summit is a one-day event that brings together entrepreneurship, science and technology to re-work the future and tackle some of the world�s greatest challenges.

The event will showcase the opportunities of breakthrough technologies and their potential for a positive impact on business and society.

Emerging technology is providing an unprecedented era of opportunity for entrepreneurs and scientists to progress business and solve global challenges. By 2050 there will be around 9 billion people on the planet, so understanding, knowledge and collaboration is vital to help steer the way to a better world.

RE.WORK is focused on generating innovative ideas and encouraging collaboration to solve big, global problems in areas such as increased urbanisation levels, efficient healthcare, sustainable energy solutions, and equal opportunities for all. Technology can have a revolutionary impact on these issues and some of the new products and advances explored at RE.WORK will include progress in the internet of things, sensors, 3D printing, wearable technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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