Returning to TechHub in a Covid-19 world

As the world continues to change...

...we will continue to focus on the safety of our members, visitors and our team. We have been making plans and taking action in preparation for you to return to TechHub.

The government advice remains that we should all work from home wherever possible, though we know that some of you need to come into the office on occasion.

You’ll notice changes in our building when you head back to the office, all aimed at continuing to protect our amazing community. Please read through the details here - there’s info for you, but also actions you’ll need to take personally.

There are a number of areas where physical distancing measures have been introduced

Community Desk & Reception Area

Safety measures have been put in place for members, team and visitors. All members and your visitors must respect physical distancing at reception. There are floor markings to indicate spacing and we will no longer be using touch pads for sign-in. Instead, our community team will sign any visitors in and out. We have implemented a one way system to ensure a steady flow of people traffic.

We will still provide postal services as normal. Collection times for post are between 13:00-15:00.


In order for us to practice social distancing, please ensure that only 1 person is in a kitchen at a time. We recommend that you limit your time in these high traffic areas.

You must ensure that you wash your hands, soaping for at least 20 seconds before and after using the communal kitchens.

Phone Booths, Banquette Seating and Faith/Parent Room

Small spaces such as phone booths, banquette seating and the faith/parent room will only accommodate one person at a time (not including infants). We will sign-post and ask that members respect the 2-metre distance rule in all enclosed areas, plus the outdoor bike storage.

We have ordered some protective screens which will be available for you to use, which will allow you to meet and collaborate with your colleagues.

Meeting Rooms

Until further notice we have reduced the advertised capacities of our meeting rooms in order to allow users to observe the 2-metre distancing advice effectively. Meeting rooms will be stocked with antibacterial wipes and these must be used before and after you leave the meeting room (including door handles as you leave to sanitise and avoid re-contact). We will also be removing all white board pens from the rooms to avoid risk of transfer and recommend you have your own set. We highly recommend that where possible our members continue to use online conferencing platforms to meet.

Stairs and Lifts

We ask members to follow physical distancing measures while waiting in lift lobbies and use the stairs where they can (always keeping left). Lift limits will be 1 person per lift - note that people with mobility issues will be prioritised for accessing lifts.

Additional adjustments

Flex Members

The designated Flex areas around the building have been changed to ensure that people are able to work comfortably at a safe distance. As a result of the social distancing regulations set by the government we have reduced our Flex capacity on the ground floor and set up other areas around the building you can use.

Resident Members

To comply with social distancing guidelines set by the government, we have marked certain desks with signage that they should no longer be used to create more space between you and your neighbour. If you wish to move to another desk, please speak to a member of the TechHub team who will be happy to explore other options for you.

Team Members

Distancing measures within your studio are your responsibility. If you would like some advice around layouts to help you achieve this, please chat to Michael. Ensure that you have adequate hand sanitiser available to your team - we recommend a bottle per desk to reduce sharing.

How you can help

  • To keep everyone safe, we need your help. It’s up to all of us to take action to protect ourselves, our community and our loved ones. The Government has published these guidelines to offer advice and guidance on returning back to the office safely.

  • You must inform us if you are planning on returning to TechHub by completing this form. It will take 1 minute to complete.

  • You must ensure that the best hygiene standards are being adhered to. Although we have stocked TechHub up with cleaning materials, hand sanitisers and hand soap it is important that you have your own stock too. It is important that you clean keyboards, desks, chairs and other points of contact regularly.

  • You must wash your hands when you arrive in the office, every time you use the bathroom and kitchen, and throughout the day. This reduces the likelihood of virus transmission to you, and also helps to protect others if you were to have an asymptomatic infection.

  • We recommend wearing a face mask where possible to protect others.

  • You must inform us if you start to show COVID-19 symptoms, or if you receive notice of a positive test result by emailing This information will be treated with strict confidence, and will only be used for contact tracing within TechHub, without informing those contacted of your name (just that they were in contact).

  • You must not come to TechHub if you are feeling unwell.

  • Abide by the 2 meter social distancing in the building where possible.

  • You should consider implementing the social distancing measures we have put in place in our communal areas, in your private office spaces.

  • You must clear your desk at the end of each working day - this will allow the cleaners to complete a full clean of your desk. If you would like to arrange additional storage please speak to our Community Team.

If you want to find out more, check out our FAQs, and if you have any further questions please let us know at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all soon.