Recycling Carbon: Paving the way for smarter emissions reduction

For centuries, cities have been the centre-point of culture, trade and innovation and the birthplace of some of the greatest ideas known to man. But with urban density on the rise, the knock on effects of climate change and global warming are becoming a real problem.

Prior to the modern industrial world, natural events (such as volcanic eruptions) determined the global carbon cycle. Now, our every-day activities dictate much of the movement of carbon around the world; with larger cities generating a staggering 70% of all global CO2 emissions.

However, urban density can actually create the possibility for a better quality of life and a lower carbon footprint - through more efficient infrastructure and planning. For our future to be bright, we need our growing communities to innovate and take action.

"At this critical crossroads in time, we need the ideas that cities can create more than ever." C40 cities.

Recycling Carbon, are a dedicated team from Swansea, who are already laying the pathway to generate positive change:

"We are an outreach activity born out of the collaborative research environment in the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University."

Their mission: to show everyone how carbon can be recycled and reused in the same fashion as other household waste can be recycled.

"If you turn the lights on, you produce carbon dioxide. If you do an internet search, you produce carbon dioxide. If you drive a car, travel on a train, bus or aeroplane, then you produce carbon dioxide....Once released, it can change the temperature of our atmosphere - melting ice-caps and rising ocean levels."

Currently we emit (on average across the world) 4.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person. If we want to stay within our CO2 limit (as set out in the Paris Agreement) the most that we can emit is 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person.

Through this fact alone, we really need to cut down our carbon emissions!

We will be joined by the Recycling Carbon team for HackTheCity #4 to hear more about the technologies and smart solutions available, to help change every day behaviours.

If you'd like to join the discussions, have an idea or want to help spread the message, come along to our next meet-up on 16th July from 5.30pm - TechHub Lounge. Register your place today!