Raising start up investment in wales

Things are looking up for new technical businesses in wales with the news of a five year seed fund which was released in May this year which has been developed to be aimed at technology start-ups in Wales due to start on the 1st of June.

This government fund will provide equity investments of between �50,000 and �150,000 for early stage technology businesses which are currently not doing as well as in the current economic climate to secure support to commercialise their respective Intellectual Property providing them with a structured investment which is sorely needed.

This is great news for not only technology early stage businesses but for Wales� economy as it has been predicted that the fund will help create over 100 high-calibre jobs in the next five years improving the economy with the cash injection from drop of unemployment.

The fund will be managed by Finance Wales meaning that not only will these early stage companies receive a structured investment from the government but they will benefit from Finance Wales� links with leading private and institutional co-investors as they grow and expand.

Finance Wales has a brilliant track record in regards to investment in the technology businesses investing over �8 million in six new technology businesses and a number of its portfolio companies in the last financial year and since 2009 has invested almost �28 million in total in technology businesses through the european-backed �150 million Wales JEREMIE Fund.

As anyone who is starting up their own business will know that there is a lot of information out there and learning what is best for you and your business is a learning curve but with support and advise from those who have set up their own businesses it can remove some of the headache involved. At TechHub we have created a space to work and talk to others who are either starting up or have started up also with guest speakers drop in to share some advice and as every member is working on their own tech project so with flexible workspace, access to an energetic community, the resources of a global company, the energy and shared knowledge of a tech conference and the buzz of a social networking event rolled into one!

For more information on applying for funding from Finance Wales use the url