TechHub member Qardio Is Building A Consumer ECG Monitor That Streams Data To Your Doctor's iPhone

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Qardio co-founder Marco Peluso had a dedicated career in finance for 14 years. He was an investment banker for JPMorgan, then a partner at a hedge fund.

But everything changed when his father had a stroke while they were on the phone.

�I was lucky enough to understand what was happening,� he said, remembering that he quickly got in touch with a neighbor to take his father to the hospital. But doctors couldn�t identify what triggered the minor stroke, known as a TIA, or Transient Ischemic Attack.

Six months later, his father found himself struggling to finish his usual morning jog.

�It was shocking for me to know that even now, we didn�t have a good way of understanding or proving what was happening,� he said.

He was compelled to leave his banking and investment career to start Qardio, which is set to launch an ECG monitor for consumers next year at a price of $449 [? cost of a suit]. They also have a second product, a blood pressure monitor called QardioArm that will retail for $99.

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