TechHub Announces Big Plans for iCITY London and TechHub Manchester

TechHub were in this week's Economist, discussing our plans for extending TechHub to Stratford in the new iCITY development.

TechHub, a company that provides spaces for start-ups, intends to set up shop. The development corporation that runs the Olympic Park thinks that University College London, which recently pulled out of a plan to build a new campus on the site of a housing estate nearby, may yet follow into the Olympic park itself.

The hope is that these tenants will draw in others, filling the space with digital and creative businesses both great and small, and with tech-minded academics and students. Lack of space and rising rents are already pushing young firms away from Shoreditch. Elizabeth Varley, TechHub�s boss, says that its two sites in Shoreditch are �bursting at the seams�. In particular, firms of half-a-dozen people or more�too big to share comfortably with others, but not yet ready to sign a two-year lease in an office building�and teams that need space to tinker with hardware as well as code need more room.

Over the next few months, we'll be releasing more details about our plans for bringing tech community and coworking space to iCITY, so follow TechHub on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the FT is talking about the tech opportunities being created in Manchester, quoting Doug Ward from TechHub Manchester:

A similar approach has inspired TechHub, which provides workspace for start-ups, to open its second UK base, after London, in the city. Doug Ward, the co-founder, said that Manchester was chosen to offer a cheaper alternative to London. �There is world-class talent and the city has a history of innovation like few other places on the planet.�

It has 65 members and is seeking to expand its premises. Its members can collaborate with Barclays to obtain financial and security advice. The bank�s technology centre in Knutsford, Cheshire, created the Pingit mobile money transfer app. �We see them as a tech business that happens to be a bank,� said Mr Ward.

Richard Lewis, of Town Centre Securities, the listed Leeds-based property company that owns TechHub�s home, a 19th century warehouse, said that it had taken a bet on the future of the digital sector in Manchester. It was now preparing to expand TechHub into Brownfields Mill, where the UK�s first aircraft were once built by Avro, increasing its size from 5,000 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft.

Follow TechHub Manchester on Twitter, and join the Manchester tech community by applying for membership.