Podcasts that startup founders and employees should know about

If your travel time to work is more than 15 minutes, it’s worth looking at podcasts as a source of entertainment as well as education. With hundreds of podcasts to choose from this is a list of five that deal with business and startups to get you started.

Rocketship FM

Rocketship FM does an interesting thing with podcasts they choose a big topic like sales or productivity and explore it across 3 to 5 episodes. So far the topics they explored are:
- Growth
- Product
- Sales
- Funding
And all of these are worth listening to especially if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur.


A16Z is an Andreessen Horowitz (VC firm founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz) podcast, which means you get some incredible speakers. The podcast went in a different direction compared to many other podcasts, rather than focusing on one to one interviews or ‘lessons’ learnt, they invite a few specialists and do a deep dive into niche technology topics such as language and big data, or how and why governments implement technology, Bitcoin in Greece, Quantum Computing, and many many more.

Sales for nerds

This podcast is specifically focused on selling tech products. So definitely worth listening to if you are selling a tech product, or if you are a tech founder who found themselves in a position where they have to sell.

Anything that's Gimlet Media

Gimlet burst into the podcast scene in 2014 with their podcast Startup. The show was different from anything that came before. The first season tracked how the two founders started Gimlet - this season is a lot cooler than it sounds. The second season showcases different startups how they struggled with the typical startup problems - gaining traction, pivoting, user research etc etc etc.

Three years on, Gimlet has come a long way and their portfolio has grown from the original Startup show:
- StartUp
- The Pitch
- Science Vs
- Every Little Thing
- Crimetown
- Heavyweight
- Homecoming
- Mogul
- The Nod
- Reply All

Masters of scale

The main benefit of having a celebrity business person at the helm is the quality of speakers that appear on the podcast: Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Tristan Walker, Brian Chesky. And the conversations that emerge are casual, candid, and definitely worth listening to.

This Much I Know - The Seedcamp podcast by Carlos Espinal

We could not give our London neighbors Seedcamp a shout out. Their partner Carlos Espinal runs the podcast, the episodes vary in length from 20 to 50 minutes and the speakers vary from startup founders to leading tech minds.