PlayMob is Revolutionizing Giving Through Ethical Games

The online gaming world is explosive. In just the last decade the number of gamers around the world has grown exponentially to include almost all ages and a penetration above 50%. In most households in the developed world the average gamer is now in her mid-thirties!

By most standards, games were never considered to be much more than entertainment tools, a way for kids to spend a few hours mesmerized in front of screens. Just like everything else in technology this has changed in more ways than any game developers could have imagined.

PlayMob is just the type of company that is turning gaming on its head. Every year billions of dollars are spent on virtual goods, basically nothing more than colourful pixels and bytes. Most people would be surprised that someone could spend real money for non-existent things, but that�s not the point. The main question is how can this money be put to good use.

PlayMob answers this question by helping charities fundraise through games that link virtual goods to good causes. PlayMob Founder, Jude Ower, was interested in not only providing technology that improves games but helping games do good. The technology that is helping make all this possible is GiverBoard, which helps charities raise money and exposure for free. Further influence from GiverBoard is helping capture a whole new audience and improving engagement with existing players.

The small startup has been able to secure �140k in funding which is going towards further development. A second round of funding has been opened and will help scale the business in the next year. PlayMob's long-term strategy is to become the company that enables giving across all game platforms but it also wants to work with non-game partners to transform simple transactions into tools for giving. The goal is not to change the behaviour of people but to augment existing services to have a positive social impact.

We�re very proud to have PlayMob�s team working at TechHub. Way to go ladies and bon voyage in your journey to transform giving!